September 30, 2015

The last word on light

Many of the entries in the prior incarnation of this journal have been technical discussions pertaining the use of light. As we progress in ability the fundamentals (while important) become less of a focus and more of a toolset. They become ingrained in our actions and how we choose to put them to use. I no longer have the desire to talk about light in a procedural manner. So I will leave here the abstractions I've come to carry with me.
  • The most basic purpose of light is to illuminate that which cannot be seen.
  • Good light reveals form and texture. - Dean Collins
  • The highest purpose of light is to convey emotion.
When I pick up my camera these are the things I'm thinking about. Every choice as to the use of a particular modifier or kind of light is made to the purposeful creation of a photograph that reveals form, texture, and emotion. Everything else is just noise.